App Pricing

You need your own developer accounts-We will help you create them


You must have your own apple Developer Account. We can help you create this account. Apple charges $100 per year for a developer account. You must keep the account as long as you use the app if you want to have the ability to make changes.


You must have your own Google Developer Account. We can help you create this account. Google charges $25 one time for a developer account that never expires.



Basic App

Create app up to 30 screens---$3000-Payment is due before the app is live on the app store.


To see what is included in a basic app, take a test drive of any of the apps we have created.


Advanced App

There is an additional fee for In-App Purchases and databases. Please call to discuss these options.


App Management

Manage App-$125 per month-includes one minor change and one push notification per week additional changes $15. This includes minor changes not complete rebuild. additional push notifications $15

Geofence-No extra charge

Minor Changes include:Update information,add one page, change geofence message.


An alternative to us managing your app is for you to manage your own account. The cost for that is $20 per month for 3 apps, $50 per month for 50 Apps, If you have an app that will be on Google Play and also on Apple, that is considered two apps.


We do accept payment plans when needed.

All apps will be available on both Google Play and App Store

If you are a Christian non-profit, ask about discount pricing.